How can I get an opportunity to tender on Dunn Architect’s projects?

Contact us by email or telephone to register your interest.

Can trade contractors and suppliers tender for work?

Trades and suppliers may contact us for opportunities. We may either arrange for you to submit subcontract quotes for submission to head contract tenderers or arrange for you to be a separate contract directly with the owner.

Why we Tender

Whenever practical, we tender our client’s construction work. It is our responsibility  to protect our clients interests. For this reason we are unable to recommend Cost Plus or similar proposals that transfer extraordinary risk from those best placed to manage that risk, namely the contractor, to our clients.

Limited or Selective Tender

We generally limit the number of tenderers to a maximum of four, in recognition of the significant workload involved in preparing a tender.

Fixed and Comprehensive Price

Our tenders are fixed lump sum without rise and fall. The scope of works generally includes all necessary subcontractors and suppliers. In residential projects, for instance the tender will include the kitchen, all fittings and fixed appliances. Our contracts generally do not include Provisional Sums or Prime Cost Sums. We instead provide as comprehensive  documentation as practical. However, we always welcome suggestions on alternative materials and details.

Architect’s Role

The ABIC contracts we use include an ongoing  role for the architect. These contracts require us to act fairly and impartially when acting as assessor. We are proud of our record of fair assessment of progress claims and variation contract price adjustments.


We recommend that you also review our general conditions of tendering. A summary of these can be seen on our Tender Conditions page.

Tendering Policy
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