Concept design services

  1. BulletReview of Council’s and other authority’s regulations

  2. Discussions with you regarding the final brief

  3. Building Project ServicesReviewing survey information, undertake site measurements, photographic records, co-ordinating procurement of any additional survey requirements

  4. Other ServicesPreparation of preliminary design sketches

Design Development (DA) services

  1. Incorporating survey information required by Council. Selection of exterior finishes and materials, preparation of drawings including plans, elevations, sections, Statement of Environmental Effects, and town planning calculations required by Council for a Development Application (DA)

  2. Briefing other consultants as required

  3. Made on a MacPreliminary (Pre-DA) discussions with Council

  4. BulletCompilation and lodgement of the DA submission

  5. BulletShadow Diagrams

  6. BulletBASIX energy efficiency certification

Construction Documentation to C.C. services

  1. BulletIncorporation of Council’s DA conditions into the design

  2. BulletPreparation of dimensioned drawings including detailed plans/elevations/sections and other documents as required by Council for a Construction Certificate Application (CC)

  3. BulletCo-ordinating the work of other consultants

  4. BulletCompilation and lodgement of the CC submission

Construction Documentation completion services

  1. BulletPreparation of For-Construction drawings including waterproofing, insulation, construction details, plumbing, tiling, final specifications, setout drawings, lighting/power/telecom. layouts, selection and scheduling of fittings and finishes for the builder

  2. BulletPreparation of additional trade specifications and supplementary conditions of contract

Tendering services

  1. BulletDiscussions with you regarding finalised budget strategy, programming and staging of construction

  2. BulletCompilation of Tender drawings/specifications and preparation of Tender Conditions, forms, Scope of Works statements and other tender documentation

  3. BulletDistributing, receiving, checking and analysing tenders

  4. BulletDiscussions with you regarding selection of the builder

  5. BulletPrepare the contract for signature by you and the builder

Contract Administration services

  1. BulletInspection of building works

  2. BulletPreparation of explanatory drawings and answering builder’s queries

  3. BulletExamination of workshop drawings

  4. BulletAssessment of builder’s claims and issue of progress advice/certificates

  5. BulletAssessment of variations and contract sum adjustments

  6. BulletAdministration as required for security retentions

  7. BulletDefects inspections

  8. BulletObtaining contractor’s certificates required for Council’s Building/Occupancy Certificates

  9. BulletAdvice on Defects Liability Period, warranties, guarantees, issue of Final Certificate and release of security retentions

We provide the following services for your building project

Complying Development Certificate Approvals

  1. BulletReview the State Government SEPP Housing regulations and determine if your project can be approved under these rules instead of the council’s rules

  2. BulletDesign to meet the SEPP Complying Development Certificate regulations

  3. BulletCoordinate appointment of a certifying authority

  4. BulletProvide documentation for a approval by a certifier

Building Project Services
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