Assistance in obtaining operational approvals from authorities including:

  1. BulletFootpath dining permits for restaurants

  2. Building Project ServicesChildcare Centres: Assess the premises’ compliance and provide Architect’s certification to government department

  3. Other ServicesEducational facilities

  4. Building signage

  5. Signage on R.T.A. land

Objections to Neighbours’ development plans

  1. Made on a MacAssess and advise you on your neighbour’s plans including their impact upon your privacy and views

  2. BulletPrepare Objections on your behalf and submit these to Council

  3. BulletAnalyse or prepare Shadow Diagrams to assess the impact of shading onto your land

  4. BulletAssess the compliance of your neighbour’s building and notify Council of incorrect constructions

Selected services

  1. BulletDevelopment feasibility studies

  2. BulletShadow diagrams

  3. BulletInterior design

  4. BulletThree dimensional building images

  5. BulletPhotomontages

  6. BulletSpecifications

  7. BulletConstruction programming

  8. BulletBASIX compliance

Locating other consultants and contractors for you

  1. BulletEngineers

  2. BulletSurveyors

  3. BulletHeritage consultants

  4. BulletBuilders

  5. BulletTradespersons

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Other Services

Other services we offer

The practice offers a range of other services including: