Frequently Asked Questions


When do I pay the architect’s fees?

  1. BulletOur fees are generally invoiced monthly in proportion to the amount of progress made. Work is staged and you are only responsible for paying for work completed on the relevant stages at that time. A ten percent deposit is required for lump sum commissions .

  2. Our preferred payment method is electronic funds transfer. Payment may also be made by cheque by prior agreement or by PayPal subject to PayPal’s current surcharge.

What are your terms and conditions?

  1. Our standard terms are generally those of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects. A full description is included with our quotation.

  2. Further information is available by clicking on the links below:
    Royal Australian Institute of Architects

Can you help us find an engineer and any other consultants we might need?

  1. Yes, we can recommend engineers and other consultants. We have received excellent service from several firms for many years and can recommend them to you.

  2. Made on a MacFurther information is available by clicking on the links below:
    Northrop Engineers