Frequently Asked Questions


Why choose Dunn Architects?

The way we work has many benefits for you:

  1. BulletThe process we follow is easy to understand and is tailored to suit your requirements. Wherever practical we will provide a fixed quotation including a range of services from which you may choose. From this quotation you will be well placed to assess what work we will undertake, when it will be done and what the cost of each stage will be to you.

  2. BulletWe have adopted what we consider to be the most cost effective and reliable technology to that we can deliver value for money. We use Apple computers for their reliability and efficiency. We have sixteen years experience with this very stable and secure computer system. We have never had a virus yet.

  3. Because we use a three dimensional computer modelling software package, you do not need to be an expert in architectural drawings to understand our designs. We also chose this software (Vectorworks) because it is efficient to use, a saving we can pass on to our clients.

  4. Because we are a team of no more than three to five people we have minimised our administration. As a result you are not paying for extensive middle management.

  5. Because of our earlier experience on large commercial projects we continue to give emphasis to providing  thorough drawings and specifications for builders. This attention to detail minimises uncertainty for the builder, enabling more competitive building price tenders

  6. Our earlier experience in Project and Construction Management enable us to effectively negotiate with builders.

  7. Made on a MacOur designs speak for themselves

Do you know any builders who can construct our project?

  1. BulletYes, we know many proven builders who may be available for your project. We are regularly approached by other builders who are keen to work on architect designed buildings.

What building contracts do you use?

  1. BulletWe use a range of contracts jointly approved by both the Master Builders Association and the Royal Australian Institute of Architects.

    Further information is available by clicking on the links below:
    Royal Australian Institute of Architects