Frequently Asked Questions


Why hire an architect?

The benefits of hiring an architect may include:

  1. BulletOur knowledge of building materials, new products, how and when to use, them can result in a better building and a way to avoid costly mistakes

  2. BulletThe architect is a skilled go-between who stands between you and the builder. In any situation where a lot is at stake, disagreements can lead to tension and conflict. The architect remains informed on all issues and can assist in avoiding disputes with the builder.

How can I justify an architect’s fee?

The architect’s fee can represent real value for money when you consider that:

  1. The architect’s thorough documentation reduces the risk of cost and time over-runs.

  2. By managing the cost of any changes you may require during construction the architect can avoid unnecessary additional payments to the builder.

  3. Made on a MacThe architect can assist you in achieving a predictable and secure cash-flow for your project.

  4. It is widely accepted that an architect designed building will fetch a premium price when you sell.

  5. The architect’s fee is reasonable when compared to other costs associated with your property. Compare the cost of an architect providing a full range of services for a fee equal to, say, ten percent of the construction cost. Your architect will probably undertake hundreds of hours of service over many months. Compare this service with that of a real estate agent, for example, who may charge two to three percent of the entire value  of your land and building, A value which is often twice the cost of constructing your building. The real estate agent will typically place an advertisement for your home, attend six forty five minute open days and pass offers on to you. If you compare the magnitude of these commitments with the costs and consider the level of university training your architect must have, your architect’s fee represents a good investment.

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