Our general conditions of tendering are:

Tender Documents

  1. BulletThe tender documents include these Tender Conditions, the stated form of contract, special conditions and amendments to the general conditions of contract, terms provided for inclusion within the schedules of the contract form, the Tender Form provided, drawings, specifications, supplementary conditions of contract (Preliminaries), schedules and any other document provided by the architect for this purpose


We use the following ABIC contracts jointly developed by the Master Builders Association and the Royal Australian Institute of Architects.

  1. Projects up to $5 million: SW- 2008

  2. Projects up to $50,000 BW-1 2002

Tenderer to Make all Necessary Enquiries

  1. Examine the documents and the site

  2. Assess the risks

  3. Tender ConditionsCheck the documents for accuracy and scope

  4. Tendering PolicyAdvise suppliers and contractors

  5. Notify any discrepancies, errors or omissions in writing before the closing date

Lodgement of Tender

  1. Lodge only on the Tender Form provided and complete in full

  2. Submit only tenders for the whole of the works

  3. Lodge by signed original. Facsimile or secure email submissions will only be accepted subject to later receipt of the original tender

  4. Made on a MacSubmit by the agreed time

  5. BulletProvide additional information upon request

Owner’s Acceptance and Right to Decline

  1. BulletThe owner may decline any or all tenders

  2. BulletAcceptance shall only be made in writing to the tenderer or to the address provided by the tenderer on tender form.

These are general conditions of tendering. The specific conditions for each tender are contained within the Specifications file, which can be found within the tender documents

Tender Conditions
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