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Fees we charge our clients

Written staged fee quotations are provided on request. Fees are generally calculated in proportion to the estimated construction cost and reflect the relative complexity of the relevant building type.

Work on small projects and tasks of indeterminate duration are completed on hourly charge out rates available on request.

Russell Dunn architect and principal
Priyanka Misra associate and heritage consultant

Dunn Architects, based in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, specialise in new homes, house alterations, units and commercial buildings.

Our designs are of many styles because they reflect the characteristics of your property, your preferences and your neighbourhood, which are all unique

We provide not only professional design services but also thorough documentation for the builder.

We prepare and manage a plan of how to administer payments to the builder and how to assess the cost of any changes you might wish to make during construction.

We make arrangements to assist in protecting your financial security during construction.

Russell Dunn Registered Architect 6736

Priyanka Misra Associate

Heritage Consultant

Registration with Board of Architects of NSW